Landscape design

The 5 Elements of a Great Landscape Design

An aesthetic landscape design comprises five basic elements, including line, color, form, scale, and texture. Perfectly balancing these elements in your landscape design is the key to getting good results. While elements like texture and color are used to add character to the design, line, form, and scale play a critical role in organizing the space and adding structure to the landscape.

A Beautiful Landscape in San Francisco with Low Budget

The Best Ways to Use Your Landscaping Budget to Get the Yard of Your Dreams

You have just bought a new house and want to give it a personal touch while staying on a budget. For many homeowners, designing a landscape for their property might take weeks or months. While you have a lot on your list to transform your home and yard according to your taste, you need to plan your renovations carefully to stay within a budget. Here are some ideas to use your landscaping budget to get the yard of your dreams:

Residential Maintenance of Sloped Landscape in San Francisco

The Best Plants to Grow on a Sloped Landscape

Sloped yards can be difficult to design and maintain. Designing and building a landscape in a sloped yard needs careful planning and plant selection. Fortunately, many plants are easy to grow on slopes. The plants you choose for sloped landscapes depend on your aesthetic preferences as well as the requirements of the front yard. Since these plants have deep roots, they help control soil erosion and maintain soil grip. At Liaison Landscapes, our landscaping designers prefer particular plants for sloped yards that last longer and grip the soil better. Scroll down to find the best plants to grow on a sloped landscape:

a gazebo

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Experienced Gazebo Builders

Theoretically, building and installing a gazebo may seem easy, but in reality, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need to have the right tools, choose a design, and then get the right materials. Then you’ll have to construct the structure before installing it—there’s nothing easy with such tasks. You don’t just wake up one fine morning and throw a nail here and a nail there. You should have enough experience and a decent layout of how you’re going to tie wood together to make the construction safe.

A backyard deck that incorporates greenery

Spruce up the Backyard with These 5 Deck Types

A deck is an ideal add-on for families that regularly indulge in outdoor recreational activities, such as sunbathing during the summers, grilling, or hosting parties to avoid feeling claustrophobic in a crowded room. They’re affordable, look stunning, and are relatively easy to maintain (we’re not saying you should be missing out on yearly maintenance checks). These are great for increasing the overall value of the home. Here are the different types of decks that you may want to consider for sprucing up your backyard: