A backyard deck that incorporates greenery

Spruce up the Backyard with These 5 Deck Types

A deck is an ideal add-on for families that regularly indulge in outdoor recreational activities, such as sunbathing during the summers, grilling, or hosting parties to avoid feeling claustrophobic in a crowded room. They’re affordable, look stunning, and are relatively easy to maintain (we’re not saying you should be missing out on yearly maintenance checks). These are great for increasing the overall value of the home. Here are the different types of decks that you may want to consider for sprucing up your backyard:


Control That Bamboo!

Bamboo is an excellent choice for almost any landscape. It grows very well in most zones and can also serve as a great barrier for increased privacy. Sometimes though, it grows a little too well. Controlling your bamboo’s growth is important to keeping it from becoming an over-growth nuisance.