State mandated, executive order by the Californian Governor directs that we must cut back our water use. In honoring the seven principles of Xeriscaping, your yard can be transformed from a dull, water guzzling scape, into a flourishing, dynamic, drought proof entity.  Uniquely designed Xeriscapes are becoming more and more popular as techniques improve, styles elaborate, and necessity dictates their functional characteristics.


More than simply selecting plants, truly exceptional landscapes are characterized by a carefully chosen palette that compliments colors and textures. Liaison Landscapes horticulture experts understand how to create yards that are diverse and water efficient. Plant selections that will thrive in your area are made easier by the wide inventory provided by nurseries throughout the Monterey & Bay Area.


Healthy landscapes that sustain their beauty over many seasons don’t just happen on accident. Continuous education about how to best provide desired landscaping results are a primary objective of Liaison. We study your project and make well informed decisions. Understanding your ultimate goals will help us prepare your soil and property for enduring success.